Recommended Swimming Pool Fencing in Cape Town

Cape Town Pool Fencing


Appropriately fencing your pool prior to filling it with water is a legal requirement here in South Africa. Thankfully, our licensed fencing contractors can help make you compliant through our Cape Town pool fencing installation in line with your pool’s construction, making sure that it is ready to go at its completion.

We provide pool fencing in distinct colors and in any shape that you want. Our eye-catching range of safety gates and pool fences are designed to comply with all South African standards.

With a team of highly qualified specialists who are experts in finding the most aesthetically pleasing and affordable solution to ensure that your swimming pool is both compliant as well as safe. We undertake the necessary measures to get you compliant, from installing an entirely new pool fences using a broad range of designs and materials to match your requirements, to minor repairs of metal and glass gates and hinges.

Regardless of pool fencing style, we are confident it will add to the beauty of your premises. We can assist you to pick one that’ll complement your home or garden’s theme, from contemporary and modern all the way to traditional and rustic. We also can install as many gates as you’d like.

​Aluminium Pool Fencing

We’ve established that aluminium pool fencing in Cape Town is a popular choice because it’s available in many different powder coats colors. This makes it possible for you to choose a type that complements the other features around your premises. It is also much suitable to use in environments that are overly wet ( since aluminum is resistant to corrosion). Also, it does not need much maintenance –a two to four times a year wash with a detergent is usually enough.

Glass Pool Fencing

The popularity of glass pool fencing in Cape Town has been steadily growing over the years. There are three glass pool fencing options to select from –frame less, framed, and semi-framed –making it possible for you to realize the exact appearance you want. The posts, used in semi-framed and framed fencing, are comprised of powder-coated aluminium –simply choose the color you prefer most. Among the best things about glass is the fact that it is relatively low maintenance.

Tubular Pool Fencing

As it pertains to tubular fencing in Cape Town, generally we have two material options- aluminium( which is the most popular) and steel. The tubular appearance is a superb choice for any pool since it keeps the area well secured without entirely blocking the view of the water from the inside or outside.

For a price estimate on our pool fencing services, contact us directly on 087 551 0848 and get the most affordable price in town!