High Quality & Affordable Palisade Fencing in Cape Town

Cape Town Palisade Fencing


A palisade fence is a great way of providing reliable security for your premises and a necessary addition for industrial and commercial properties to stop unauthorized access. It is globally known as one of the most durable and robust fencing currently on the market.

Palisade fencing is made from heavy-duty rolled steel pickets that are separately bolted onto steel rails. The anti-climb protection addition makes it a much better choice for high-security applications like in;

  • Factories
  • Train stations
  • Industrial areas
  • Construction sites
  • Prisons
  • Desalination plants
  • Utility compounds

As the fence is transparent, the view from security personnel or cameras is not obstructed. Its high strength and durability make it the best solution to ensure secure perimeters in just about any site. Each pale’s top can be made into spikes to stop further any attempts by intruders to breach the fence. Therefore, palisade fences act as the best obstacle to stop intruders, and thus the best solution to maintain the safety of your property.

As the leading steel palisade fencing installer in Cape Town, we provide a wide range of products. We’re an established Cape Town company with more than two decades of experience and combined with our vast resources. Our expertise and the tools we have invested in make us capable of handling projects all of all sizes. We offer palisade fencing in standard height and supply paling heads in a selection of different shapes that can be used with our fencing. Our fences are custom-designed and are tested thoroughly to make sure they meet quality standards.

Pale tops come as single-pointed, triple-pointed, rounded, or square-topped. We’re also able to provide steel palisade-designed tops, and we are among the few companies capable of making palisade as per specifications. This is among the reasons why many clients choose us for their steel palisade fencing.

In all our installations, our team exercises top professionalism and workmanship. We take every necessary measure to make sure your fencing project is within budget and is accomplished in time.

For more information on our palisade and steel fencing Cape Town-wide call us on 087 551 0848 to talk to one our accredited team members. You can as well choose to e-mail us through the contact form. Choose the best company offering affordable palisade fencing prices in Cape Town today!