Top Electric Fencing in Cape Town

Electric Fences Cape Town


Are you in need of someone to install an electric fence in Cape Town? Are you looking for professional service and superior quality?

Our effective and efficient staff and our state-of-the-art tools and equipment will guarantee a high-quality electric fence installation that meets the industry-set standards and will be completed at a reasonable time. We will make sure the whole experience is worth your while, keeping it free of any hassles or stress.

Electric fences are one of the most recommended fencing solutions for your property. Electric fences are affordable, costing nearly 50 percent less over their useful life than conventional non-electric fences. This fencing type also takes less time and is easier to construct, saving you both your money and time.

Our Cape Town electric fencing specialists supply and install electric fencing for domestic, commercial, industrial, as well as agricultural establishments. Our fence designs are durable and evolve to counter the ever-increasing criminal threat. The cost options for this fencing type vary; ranging from the heavy-duty perimeter barriers to the cost-effective systems. Our products have a reputation for being the safest and most trusted fencing solutions globally.

When it comes to the security of your property, the electric fence is among the first line of protection. Our products are of high-quality, and our electric fence prices are affordable. The solutions we provide are suitable for:

  • Residential properties, Townhouses, Estates
  • Commercial, Industrial, Mines, etc.
  • Game Reserves, Plots, Farms, Country

With two decades of experience, we offer products to cater for the basic as well as sophisticated applications. Complete installation specifications are part of each single installation.

What we do not do is cheap and shoddy fencing; we have left that to the many fly-by-night service providers out there. We provide top quality installations at a competitive cost. All our specialists go through quality in-house training, and our installation work meets all the South African Standards.

We provide:

  • Unrivaled competency in Electric fencing
  • Installation of all kinds of fencing
  • Materials guaranteed and service back-up
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Tested and globally accepted patented insulators that are tamper-proof by their design

For more details on our electric fencing services or to talk to one of our approved contractors, call us on 087 551 0848. Alternatively, you can use the contact form also to let us know how we can be of help! Get the most favorable deal on electric fencing Cape Town-wide!