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Perimeter & Secrutiy Cape Town Fencing


Protecting our valuables in this day and age has become almost mandatory. Our professional team of security and perimeter fencing experts can help you meet those needs and at the same time add stylish elegance to your school, factory, childcare center or car yard.

Our Cape Town Fencing specialists believe that a reliable first line of protection is the initial step in creating a safe and secure environment, together with other systems like security lighting, sensors and alarms, surveillance, and natural defense.

As the best company offering security fencing in Cape Town, we have an extensive selection of security fence options to cater for the needs of different industries. We are aware that every organization has distinct requirements when it comes to security fencing, and as a result, we make it our routine to know the different kinds of security fencing options that are required.

Our extensive range of products as well as in-depth product knowledge ensures that we’re able to meet any customer’s requirements –we’ve completed many residential, commercial, and industrial projects and in the process continue to enjoy the benefits of satisfied client referrals.

Our top security systems are suitable for areas with a high crime rate where maximum protection is required and canbe installed at residential and commercial areas, as well as estates and all public areas. It does not matter whether you need security fencing in Cape Town around a power plant, school, rural property, sub-station, warehouse or factory – we are always available to assist.

With issues to do with security being among the top concerns for many people in South Africa, it is important to have physical security measures in place that protect against unauthorized access and protect your family and property.

Walls, fences, electric fencing, razor wire and spikes act as your security system’s first line of defense by defining your property’s perimeter and provide some effort and planned delay. Besides protecting your premises, we also provide security fencing options that can complement the appearance of your property with their super designs.

From client-specific design to top-notch manufacturing and licensed installation, our Cape Town security fencing services are of the best standard and follow European and South African standards. We are also available for:

  • Wire fencing/weld mesh/wire mesh fencing
  • Perimeter fencing
  • High-Security Mesh fencing
  • Security barriers
  • Security gates

Our professional team of fencing specialists, project managers, and surveyors has many years of experience in development projects of all sizes. Contact us on 087 551 0848 to organize for a consultation and get the most affordable fencing prices Cape Town-wide!